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Maddison Bennett was sat in the chair. The chair was fairly comfy, but nowhere near as comfy as the ones back at Caduceus Europe. In the ones at Caduceus, you could snuggle down deep and bury yourself in the fabric. You could be safe and warm from the outside world in those chairs. The ones here at Resurgam were not like that in the least. Or perhaps it was just Maddi's mind playing up. She was homesick to no end.

Dr. Bennett scanned the room, her azure eyes taking in every detail, from the almost-broken window blind, to the RONI system, screen glowing and pulsing, sat there in all her robotic glory, making a faint whirring sound. It was almost comforting.  Maddi also noticed how much of a bloody scruff Gabe was. Peaking through the half-open door to Gabe's office, Maddi could see things littered all over the floor, along with an ashtray sat on a tea-stained coffee table. Gabe smokes too much, Maddi decided with a sigh, he needs to cut down; he'll end up killing himself...

At last, Dr. Cunningham returned from his office with an X-Ray in his hand. He sat down in a swivelly chair. Maddi looked at the chair in longing. She missed her swivelly chair back home... Ugh, it was just her luck to travel to America (with her crazy-happy friend Flo, who worked in forensics) on an exchange trip, only to become ill on her second day... She moodily blew a piece of hair from her face.

"Maddison," Gabe said, looking her in the eye, a slight grin tugging at his mouth.
"Gabriel," Maddi replied, looking straight back, a hint of challenge in her voice.
"Pfft! Don't you start with the attitude with me, Miss! I'm taller than you." Gabe said with a grin, "I've got enough of it from Maria..." he added quietly.

Maddison smirked. Gabe Cunningham was an old family friend. They knew each other well. Their relationship was similar to that of an uncle and a niece, although Maddi had always liked Gabe in a sort of different kind of way... She had begun to realise it increasingly more often these days, especially since she had just transferred to the hospital where he worked.

"Anywho, back to business. I'm gunna hafta take a closer look at your chest. Could you just lift up your t-shirt for me?"

Maddi blushed furiously, her eyes wide. Come on, you're not a kid anymore; you're a fully grown, mature adult... (Who likes swivel chairs...) C'mon, do it! Just do it! she told herself.
"Um, sure," she mumbled, gently lifting up her t-shirt to just below her bra. She coughed quietly.
"All the way up, Mads, I need to get to your chest." Gabe sighed, taking his stethoscope from around his neck, not even looking at Maddi.

Once again, Maddi blushed. She could feel her face reddening and flaming with heat. Nice choice of bra, Mads, she thought, remembering the very adulty polka dot underwear she was wearing... She lifted her top all the way up and Gabe started to press the cold metal plate to different areas of her chest. It sent a chill through her body every time he did so.

Maddi noticed how close they were now; her small, delicate frame sitting in the chair, his tall body towering over her. Their faces... almost, almost touching. Gabe frowned in concentration, his eyebrows furrowing, his mouth twitching in the corner a little. Maddi sat up, leaned forward. She wanted those lips. Badly. She parted her mouth ever so slightly, and before she knew what she was doing, her lips were on his and they were kissing.

Gabe's mouth tasted bitter, but not unpleasant. She could smell the cigarette smoke in his hair and on his clothes. It was everywhere, like they were enshrouded by billows of white smoke. Gabe was warm. It made her feel safe.

Maddi moved a hand to his face and pulled the stethoscope out of his ears. She let it clatter to the floor. Still locked in embrace, Gabe slid a hand up Maddi's shirt and held on to her back. His hand felt large and warm against her smooth, cool skin.

Slowly, Gabe began to pull away, retracting his hand from Maddison's back, dragging his other hand lightly down her face, lifting up her chin. Maddi immediately noticed the lack of warmth on her back and opened her eyes wide.

"G-gabe... No... Bu-but..." Maddi murmured, wishing for more. More smoke. More warmth. She sank back down into the chair as Gabe stood up straight, removing his hand from her chin and letting it fall to his side. A piece of ash-blonde hair fell into Maddi's eyes and she looked up at Gabe's expressionless face.

Gabe looked straight at her. His gaze was cold and hard. "Mads... It-it's... Just never gonna happen," he whispered sharply.

Maddi regarded her trainers. Inside, she knew it wouldn't have worked. Of course it was never going to happen. Gabe was not the sort of person one could have a healthy relationship with. He'd only just been divorced...

With a shaky breath, Maddi stood up, leaving the almost-comfy chair. She looked at Gabe dead in the eye, both of them unmoving.
"I need to go..." Maddi muttered, and without a second glance, left Gabe standing in the empty examination room.
Because I'm a sad git and I wanted to write about Gabe.... And my OC. /shotshotshotshot/

I know that I suck for writing a one-shot fic about a canon character and an OC, but I was really bored around midnight the other night... So yeah....

Still, it's not that bad... Is it? Some fanfics are horribly written, but I'm quite proud of mine. XDXD But I s'pose this is more of a 'lil exercise just to warm mai writing skills up.... XD I expect no comments ('CEPT YOU :iconoracion666:!!!), and definatly no criticism plz. :P

If you're wondering who the hell Maddi is, she's a Trauma Center OC I'm working on. I'll post a ref soon, promise. ^^

You probably won't even get the story. Just read the fic, OK? Jeez... XDXD

:iconoracion666:, here is the final version, enjoy! I tried to put Flo in there, but that was the only place I could really fit her in, lol.

Maddison Bennett belongs to Moi.
Florence Richardson belongs to *oracion666

Trauma Center, Trauma Team and Gabe Cunningham all belong to ATLUS. (Sadface...)

Enjoy! :D
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